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Positive Mental Attitude

When looking for a new job it is imperative that you as potential employee remain positive in your quest. With the economic climate the way it is, there is a lot of uncertainty out there in the working market place, and subsequently a lot of negative attitudes towards work and employment.

We at WATS suggest that instead of looking outside of yourself at all the negativity and at what jobs are out there that you could apply for. Have a look inside yourself and find out what is the best service is in you that you wish to share with the world that will benefit you and your family and a prospective employer.

If you are unsure about what you wish to do with your working career then the Universe hears this uncertainty, and subsequently presents the employee with a random selection of jobs that may or may not resonate with a candidate's desire. We at WATS believe that candidates who have a clear and precise understanding of who they are and what it is that they chose to do in their working profession, have a greater chance of finding that 'perfect' job for them as the universe understands due to their clarity of who they are and what exactly they want to do.

Once you have a clear understanding of who you are and what service is in you that you wish to use and share with the world. The next step is to have faith or belief that you will get a chance to utilise this 'GREAT' service of yours as the universe has a need for it. To break it all down as an example we will look at Fred Bloggs who has served an Electrical Apprentice with Coca Cola and was an Electrical Maintenance Engineer with them for 10 years before being made redundant 6 months ago. When Fred found out about his redundancy he thought it would be a good idea to look for another job as an Electrical Maintenance Engineer. As such he applied for numerous electrical maintenance engineer jobs and actually managed to get himself 4 interview's for the position.

Fred attending all the interviews and was unsuccessful in all of them which in term de-motivated him as he thought that he did not have the necessary skills or attitude to get any of the roles. Fred was disillusioned with the whole idea of finding a new job and lacked belief that he could get a job as an Electrical Maintenance Engineer with another company.

One night when Fred was sat down with his wife and was explaining to her his dilemma of not being able to land an Electrical Maintenance job, she said something to him which transformed the way he thought of himself and subsequently the jobs he was applying for.

She said to him:
"Fred, why are you applying for Maintenance jobs? You always said to me that it was the controls side of things that you had a real passion for and for the last 3 years before you was made redundant that's all you use to say".

When Fred heard his wife say this to him he sat quietly and thought about that for a second. Then with a smile on his face Fred understood why he was in the situation he is in at the present moment. He also understood as to why he was unsuccessful in all the other interviews he had as a Maintenance Engineer. He knew that all of the hiring managers would have knew that really it was a Controls Type role he was after and that he would not stay in the Maintenance position for the long term. He then understood that was the main reason why he was unsuccessful in all the maintenance jobs he went for as he didn't really want to do Maintenance. His desire was to be a Controls Engineer which would have come across at the interview's he attended no matter how hard he tried to sell himself for the role. With this new clear and precise understanding of who he was and what service was in him that he wished to use that will benefit him, his family and any prospective employer, Fred went in search of Controls vacancies and only controls vacancies.

The feedback was not as positive as it was in terms of getting maintenance interviews as most companies he applied to said that he needed more out and out controls experience. This did not disillusion or de-motivate Fred as he was sure of what he wanted to do and had faith that the right job would present itself.

It took Fred 4 months in to find the right job as a controls engineer and now is has never been happier at work than he is now. He is doing a job he loves and due to this is providing a positive service to the company that will benefit Fred and his family.