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Interview Preparation

Tips on how to prepare yourself with information and skills prior to a job interview.

  • Allocate time to for the job interview preparation.
  • Make a list of the basic things you would like to know.

Where and how to do your job interview preparation:

  • Public Library
  • Local Bookstore
  • Access Books
  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers

Tip: A lot of investor packs contain a lot of information for job seekers. Such information is excellent for preparing for job interviews.

Competitor's websites are also a good source of information for your job preparation. Try the following related search "related:[Web site Address]" in Google to see other related sites that might be competing with your interviewer.BizJournals.com is also a good tool in your job interview preparation.

Your network of contacts is an extremely useful resource to tap during your job interview preparation

  • Alumni network
  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Workers Unions

OnLine Resource:

Websites for major business publications:

Your research for the job interview preparation should give you a better insight on

  • The Job Description.
  • What business the organisation is in.
  • Hiring process procedures.
  • Early experiences on the job.
  • Corporate culture
  • General Organisational Structure.
  • History.
  • Career paths.
  • General knowledge about current state of industry.
  • Protocols before and after the interview.
  • The location of the interview.
  • Size of organisation
  • Number of employees
  • How long has the company being operating
  • Are there any subsidiary companies involved in this company.
  • Who are the major competitors of this company
  • Who is the direct supervisor
  • Information on your direct supervisor